Business IT services

by Administrator 25. February 2013 19:39
Part of being in business these days is having a good strategy when it comes to having your computers maintained and serviced.  With so many business tasks being 100% dependent on having properly working IT infrastructure, having a well running system is crucial.  Small companies generally cannot afford to hire a full time, in house technician, and if they can, the kind of employee that can get for the budget they have is not qualified to handle some of the more challenging problems ... [More]


Computer frustrations and how to deal with them

by Administrator 12. February 2013 11:21
Computer frustrations and how to deal with them   Computer related problems are a very normal thing in our day to day working environments as well as at home, since they are complex machines there is always the chance of one of those components ceasing to function. When this happens it pays to know how to troubleshoot certain problems so that you can be prepared if the situation arises, and still retain functionality of your system.One of the most commonly experienced computer frustration... [More]


How Technology can Help Parents Keep Their Kids Safe Online

by Administrator 23. April 2012 12:02
The ability to have the knowledge and skill to navigate the Internet and retrieve information from it is essential for today’s youth. Granted, outside of logging onto teachers web pages and researching data for projects, youth are privy to other outlets solely produced for entertainment. In addition, it is unfortunate that even the most innocent queries can retrieve pictures, video and written content search results completely inappropriate for youth.Parents have to be evermore diligent to... [More]


"Perfect" kids face online dangers too!

by Administrator 11. February 2012 10:11
As an expert and frequent speaker on the subject of online safety, I often hear comments from parents that dismiss the idea of using parental control software go something like this:   "Yes!  The Internet can be a dangerous place, but not for my son.. he doesn't do things like look at adult websites or post videos of himself"   Unfortunately, “perfect” kids face risks online too and it’s not always the kids that are looking for mischief that end up being harm... [More]


Technology helps, but kids mostly need your parenting to avoid online dangers

by Administrator 4. October 2011 09:23
We’ve all seen the news stories - the daily barrage of sad, unfortunate and sometimes tragic consequences that can occur when technology and kids are combined.  As parents, it’s sometimes hard to know quite what to do - and why wouldn’t it be?  Let’s face it; many 7 year olds can run circles around their parents when it comes to the family computer.With other parenting strategies, you probably take cues from what your parents did.  Your policies regarding h... [More]


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About Internet Safety Dad


Brian Lawson is a 20 year technology consultant with a background in computer and network security and serves on the Technical Education advisory committee for the Amphi School District in his home city, Tucson AZ. 

He’s a frequent guest speaker for civic and parenting groups on the subject of raising online kids and is the father of 2 daughters ages 9 and 11.  He owns and operates an IT consulting and PC repair Tucson company, Datadrive Inc. 

Datadrive provides small and medium sized business IT services in Tucson AZ.


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