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by Administrator 25. February 2013 19:39
Part of being in business these days is having a good strategy when it comes to having your computers maintained and serviced.  With so many business tasks being 100% dependent on having properly working IT infrastructure, having a well running system is crucial.  Small companies generally cannot afford to hire a full time, in house technician, and if they can, the kind of employee that can get for the budget they have is not qualified to handle some of the more challenging problems ... [More]


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About Internet Safety Dad


Brian Lawson is a 20 year technology consultant with a background in computer and network security and serves on the Technical Education advisory committee for the Amphi School District in his home city, Tucson AZ. 

He’s a frequent guest speaker for civic and parenting groups on the subject of raising online kids and is the father of 2 daughters ages 9 and 11.  He owns and operates an IT consulting and PC repair Tucson company, Datadrive Inc. 

Datadrive provides small and medium sized business IT services in Tucson AZ.


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